STSS leads the industry in social responsibility ability building
2016/1/27 9:30:34
A “Report on Social Commitment Ability of Chinese Public Listed Companies (2015)” is published recently. The report is jointly worked out by Social Responsibility Commission of China Enterprise Administration Institute and Beijing Rongzi Social Responsibility Institute. It is the first report in China to evaluate the level of social responsibility ability of public listed companies. The report reveals that, STSS is the only one in metal and non-metal mining industry who scores above 60 in social responsibility level.
The social responsibility level reflects the knowledge, skill and willingness of a company to fulfill its social responsibility target. The report evaluated the companies listed in CSI 300 in six respects, i.e. awareness and strategy, management, economy value creating ability, social value creating ability, environment value creating ability, as well as information transparency. Five classes, namely “incapable”, “weak”, “moderate”, “capable” and “strong”, are given to the companies according to their evaluation results. Among all those who are evaluated, 12 companies including STSS, SINOPEC and China Shenhua achieved scores of more than 60.
STSS has been strengthening the awareness and practice of its social responsibility for years. It has continuously improved its social responsibility level, by releasing Social Responsibility Report for concessive 7 years, building a comprehensive management system and working mechanism, and integrating the social responsibility management into the company’s development strategy, business procedure and overall operation. The company has insisted on creating value, technological innovation, product variety optimization and quality improvement strategy; it has dedicated itself to the lifting of China’s manufacturing level; it has adapted advanced energy-effective technologies to achieve energy-saving and emission-cutting; it has carried out circular economy strategy to reutilize the waste gas, waste water and solid waste; it has pushed forward the concept of circular economy to a more extensive circle by treating and reutilizing the waste water from the city and supplying heating sources to the city; it has become a benchmark of green development among China’s steel industry; it has won the respects from all circles of the society by widely communicating with stakeholders, sharing the growth and creating values together with its investors, employees, clients and suppliers.