Premier Li Makes an Inspection Tour in TISCO
2016/1/21 15:03:53
By Shanxi Daily      UpDate 2016-01-05
Premier Li Keqiang visits TISCO and learns about information on the company production and technological innovation. Photographed by Li Lianjun, a journalist from Shanxi Daily.
On the first working day of the new year, TISCO workers surprisingly met Premier Li Keqiang in their working places. The Premier learned about production and operation of the company, met and talked with workers.
Taiyuan Iron & Steel (Group) Co., Ltd (TISCO for short), the world’s largest stainless steel producer, is struggling with sluggish global steel prices. Li told the workers, “TISCO is well-known for its stainless steel; I believe the difficulties faced by the company will be conquered. The iron ore will go through fire and water before it becomes a piece of steel, a company will go through severe competition before it becomes an industry winner. I expect that you will use your wisdom and courage to survive and thrive”.
He also extended his new year’s greetings to TISCO staff.