Upgrade of Two Sets of 300MW Power Generator Units to Extra-low Discharging
2015/12/11 13:27:22
TISCO finished upgrade of two sets of 300MW power units on the date of November 28th by putting the new cleaning system into operation and connecting the units into the grid. The completion of this upgrade means the company has completed the mission of extra-low discharging deployed by Shanxi Provincial Government. The new system has significantly contributed to TISCO’s circular economy, which is featured with energy conservation and emission reduction, as well as to the improvement of air quality of the capital city.
The upgrade of these two 300MW power units is one of the leading projects schemed by Shanxi Provincial Government all around the province to lower emission and cure air pollution. The two units were originally put into production in December of 2010 and underwent twice low-N combustion upgrades in 2013 and 2014. The two units are used to supply industrial stream for TISCO production and hot water for winter-time civil houses heating system. They outperform state standards and lead the national industry in terms of environmental indexes. According to the latest regulation on emission of coal-fired power plants, new requirements on emission limits are applied to all the coal-fired power plants put into production before 2012. The so-called strictest ever regulation requires all the coal-fired boilers to comply with the following emission limits: 200mg/ Nm3 of SO2, 30mg/ Nm3 of dust and 100mg/ Nm3 of nitric oxide. Besides, in September of 2014, the “Action Plan for Energy-Conservation and Emission-Reduction Upgrade in Coal and Electricity Industry”, which was jointly issued by National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Environment Protection and National Energy Administration, asked the industry players to comply with more strict standards on energy efficiency and environment pollution, fasten the upgrade of coal-fired power generation, and make the coal and electricity industry efficient, clean and sustainable. In March of 2015, the “Notice on Expediting Extra-low Emission Upgrade to All Coal-fired Power Units in Shanxi Province” issued by Shanxi Provincial Government asked the upgrade to be completed by the end of 2017, 3 years ahead of scheduled 2020. The Provincial Commission of Economy and Informatization released a scheme accordingly and asked TISCO to complete the upgrade of two sets of 300MW units by 2016. TISCO actively responded to the scheme and state policy in terms of energy conservation and emission reduction by starting the upgrade of two units at the same time and ahead of schedule, and finishing the task by the end of 2015.
To ensure the in-time progress of the upgrade project, a project team composed of experienced personnel from Shanxi Taigang Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., Energy and Power Plant, Energy and Environment Department, and project contractor was set up. They worked out a feasible proposal after careful discussion, investigation and comparison, and started the construction on July 1st, 2015. Tight schedule, heavy task, cross operation, challenging safety condition, and limit operation space, none of the difficulties stopped TISCO project executors from completing the mission. To ensure the consecutive operation during project period, the two units are alternatively revamped with one in production and one under upgrade. All levels of the Energy and Power Plant contributed their effort to make deliberated production and project plan, strengthen management and organization, and ensure the project progress and normal production. During the project construction, managers in all levels led their team to overcome any difficulty and shortened the time of project by 20 days.
It is known that all the environmental indexes has been further improved after this upgrade, with SO2 lower than 35mg/ Nm3, dust lower than5mg/ Nm3, and nitric oxide lower than 50mg/ Nm3, which are all under the new limit requirements.