TISCO Professional Skill Evaluation System was Awarded Prize for Innovation
2015/11/6 15:43:47
The case of “evaluation system for workers’ professional skill” submitted by TISCO recently won the first prize for “2015 Innovation Achievements of Metallurgical Enterprises in Management System”, after passing the stringent appraisal by examining committee of the award and the review of China Iron and Steel Industry Association.
Since 2013 when TISCO started the program of professional skills evaluation, it has completed the trial, popularization and improvement of the evaluation program, as well as the establishment of a sound “evaluation system for workers’ professional skills”. The system, with its five innovations, creates a new frontier in China. It is the first system to evaluation skills of operational workers; it for the first time summarizes the standard core skills and standard general skills for operational workers that TISCO uniquely owns; it establishes evaluation mode for operational workers based on “three skills”; the evaluation is done for different working posts instead of for different worker types; and it makes the human resource management measurable. The company has finished the professional skills evaluation for operational workers on 22 production lines. Evaluation content covers personality, interests, core skills, general skills, as well as professional knowledge and skills for different job posts. Around 5,110 outstanding personnel from managing and operation posts took part into the editing of professional skill standard and the test question bank. The original 4,920 posts were merged into 2,689; 94,114 items were edited into 2,689 standards for post skills, 2,150,000 questions were included in the test question bank. Besides, 22 production plant reports, 269 workshop reports, 784 key post reports, and 22,996 employee reports have been issued.