“Made in TISCO” Ascends the “Man-made Sun”
2015/10/16 10:35:30
By ZHANG Xiaopeng
In this golden autumn, a batch of clad plates made by TISCO is to leave for its destination, which stands for the beginning of TISCO’s delivery to ITER program. The product made from high P copper and stainless steel is independently developed by TISCO for nuclear fusion use. It belongs to the typical high-end product category of the company. By the application of the sophisticated clad plates together with the label of “made in TISCO” in ITER program, the material will be recorded and remembered in the company’s history.
“ITER”, abbreviation of International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor and nicknamed as “man-made sun”, is the second largest multi-lateral large scale scientific cooperative program, inferior to the program of “International Space Station”. The “ITER” program is jointly sponsored by 7 parties, i.e. China, Japan, South Korea, India, Russia, the U.S.A and EU, with the total investment amount reaching 11 billion Euros. By integrating major scientific and technology achievements in the study of controlled magnetic confinement fusion all over world, the program will be a significant step for the transformation of this technology from research to application. China, as a member of ITER program, will seize the opportunity to push its excellent scientific institutes and manufacturers to international market, exalt its R&D capability in fusion technology, and lay foundations for its independent design and construction of demonstrative and commercial fusion reactors.